Writing Prompts for May

Flowers at Dreier 2015

Flowers at Dreier 2015

Take ten minutes and respond to a writing prompt. The emphasis should be on unfettered creation. Put the critic’s hat aside for the moment and simply observe the thoughts that flow out. Please feel free to share your responses.


Writing Prompt # 7

Mark off one square foot wherever you are, indoors or out, and describe everything you see inside that square foot. Do your observations bring you any realizations? To share your response, click the comment bubble at the top of the page.

Writing Prompt # 6

Identify a place in your past that held great meaning for you. Recreate that place in a piece of writing that draws on sensory and emotional memories. To share your response, click the comment bubble at the top of the page.

Writing Prompt # 5

A knock on the door startles shatters the quiet. Startled, you open the door and . . .. To share your response, click the comment bubble at the top of the page.

Writing Prompt # 4

What is the last risk you took and how did the outcome affect you? To share your response, click the comment bubble at the top of the page.

Writing Prompt # 3

What activity would you like to master in this lifetime? Do you think you will? Why or Why not?

Writing Prompt # 2

Consider the principle “Highest First.” What truly is “highest” in your life, or maybe, what do you place first in  your life?

Writing Prompt # 1 

Flower at Dreier 2015

Flower at Dreier 2015

Imagine you are in a universe where flowers are the intelligent life. Describe the flower you would be. Consider your personality, your gifts, you appearance, your quirks, whatever occurs to you.

Writing is a Fractal Process

Lena River Delta, Courtesy of NASA

Lena River Delta, Courtesy of NASA

A Fractal Process: Writing is a fractal process.  When we view the writing process through the lens of the reflective mode, the foundation of all modes of  writing, we see the branching of ideas that occurs.

Impulse and Flow: We begin writing with an impulse. The impulse may be a prompt, the wisp of a remembered dream, an assignment, even an overheard conversation, whatever, and  that impulse links back to another impulse in our awareness, which links to another, maybe even two others. And branches of thought are born. A text emerges that flows over a page (or screen) like a river sprouting channels, tributaries, creeks, and streams.

Fractal Patterns in Nature: The fractal pattern of branching is a part of nature, visible not only in the way that rivers flow over the land, but also in the way that our blood flows through our bodies, or the way a fern frond replicates its outer edges. It is a pattern of progress, of moving forward through a set of linkages and connections. A fractal pattern in nature is beautiful—filigreed and complex—much like a piece of elegant and logical writing. Each branch supports another and connects to another, spreading out in manifold development.

An Infinite Flow: This fractal nature of writing visually demonstrates for us why writing blocks never have to occur. The flow of ideas from the mind is infinite. Always, another idea is appearing and branching out to yet more ideas. We just have to settle down enough to attune ourselves to the flow of ideas and not mind the gaps. The gaps help create the beautiful formulation and connection of ideas.

Pruning the Branches: It is true that, eventually, we may have to prune those branches and shape that flow for a particular audience, but the flow of nature is always there within us. We simply have to sit to write, turn our awareness inward,  and be ready to catch the flow as it emerges and branches out.

Road Trip Guest Post: “The Avenue of Saints” by Mary Ellen Wright

Vision music praises Holy Mother

On the Avenue of Saints

Bill and I travel with little brother

White soft chords dance around us.

The Avenue winds through Fall’s peak color—oh radiant gold, orange and red hues!

We are touched by words praising the Creator while the northern haze waits our return. White pelicans decorate the sky to honor—oh blessings on the Avenue of Saints!

(composed by Mary Ellen Wright about a return from Fairfield on the Avenue of Saints highway in 2001)