Our Creative Class

Our Creative Class

Our Creative Class

New Student Blog Sites: A group of eleven amazing students in the October Reflective Writing and Blogging course developed a fascinating array of new blog sites, covering topics from organic botanical beauty products, to traveling in Peru, life[im]prov lessons, net-zero energy housing, life lessons from parenting, lgbt lifestyles, self expressions and development, spiritual feminism, artist residencies, a personal journey through challenge prompts, and making a documentary in Bali.

Individual and Collective Consciousness: Teaching this class was a joy for me because of the students–unique because of their individual takes on life and and universal because of their rich collective consciousness.

Our Creative Crossovers

Our Creative Crossovers

Class Riches: We shared laughs because of Rachel’s humorous anecdotes from her life as a mother and from Kim’s droll quips that made us all smile. We honored people’s personal growth from Norah’s poetic self expression to Dima’s journey through the challenges of the book I Am that Girl. We discovered life passions from Sam’s life lessons inspired by improv to Chris’s dedicated research and passion for creative-crossover individuals to Eva’s view of feminism and fashion. We learned about organic beauty and dreamed of Peru and Bali, and last but by no means least, we enjoyed Tamra and Chris’ musical talents.

Blogs                                                                 URLs

Aditi Botanicals                     https://aditibotanicals.wordpress.com/

Cheap Travel Tips                https://travelwithless.wordpress.com/

Dimas Journey                      https://dimasjourney.wordpress.com

Getting Unstuck                   https://sourceawareness.wordpress.com/

Kims Pond                                https://kimspond.wordpress.com/

LinkUPLevelUP                    http://www.linkuplevelup.com/about/mystory/

Queer Lifestyles                    https://myqueerlifestyles.wordpress.com/

Rachael’s Parenting            https://trustmemom.wordpress.com/

Sparkling Moonglasses       https://sparklingmoonglasses.wordpress.com/

Storing A Documentary       https://storingadocumentary.wordpress.com/

Terminally Unique               https://bloodoftheangels.wordpress.com/